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Wondering What to Do Next?

Discover how Adaptive Grief Tapping (AGT)™

can strategically place the power of recovery back into your hands.

Begin Your Journey Toward Grief Recovery Today.

It's easy to feel stuck and confused when trying to process what you're going through.

Many people find it incredibly tough to recover from grief because society often misunderstands its true essence. Grief is not just profound sorrow from losing a loved one; it’s a complex blend of conflicting and overwhelming emotions that can arise from any significant loss. For combat veterans, grief can come from losing personal safety, marriage, camaraderie, life purpose, or identity. Healthcare workers may grieve over lost family time, work-life balance, patience, camaraderie, or faith in the system.

What if you could wake up each day feeling at peace, clear-minded, and ready to seize the day? Imagine having a strategy that helps you navigate the relentless storms of stress and grief. Life is bound to have challenging moments, but knowing you have a reliable process to bounce back anytime would boost your hope and confidence.

Your Journey to Grief Recovery Starts Here

Let's Reclaim Your Future

At Focused Pathways®, I understand the profound impact of loss and the complex layers of grief that follow. That's why Adaptive Grief Tapping (AGT)™, available only at Focused Pathways®, is designed to help those in grief to honor their loss—treating it with respect and with an attitude of non-judgment—while breaking through the brain fog grief causes giving back your sense of mental and emotional clarity. Adaptive Grief Tapping (AGT)™ is uniquely tailored to free you from the misinformation, core beliefs, and unproductive behaviors obstructing your recovery while empowering you to reclaim your power to reconstruct a meaningful future.

Expected outcomes include, but are not limited to:

1. Emotional Freedom

2. Mental Clarity and New Perspectives

3. Hopeful Future

Release the intense emotions associated with grief, such as sadness, anger, and confusion by working through these emotions while learning tools that will help handle future emotional challenges more effectively.

Clear the 'brain fog' that often accompanies grief. By addressing unhelpful beliefs and behaviors, AGT™ helps foster a healthier approach to remembering and honoring lost relationships or opportunities.

Reconstruct a meaningful life by integrating the loss in a way that honors the past while also making room for new possibilities. AGT™ helps you reclaim your power over life direction, giving back a sense of hope for the future.

Company Owner

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Navigate Your Grief Recovery with a Guide Who Understands

Hi, I'm Chaplain Ryan McCollum. As the founder of Focused Pathways®, I bring expertise and a profound personal connection to the challenges of grief and stress. My unique journey from serving as an infantry automatic rifleman during the surge in Iraq and Afghanistan, followed by my experience as a combat medic, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and chaplain, has equipped me with an unparalleled depth of understanding.


To date, I've had the privilege of supporting over 1,000 clients through inter-faith counseling. While I cannot claim to have walked in your exact shoes—since each person's experience is uniquely their own—I can share that I have navigated the heavy burdens of loss and chaos personally.

Using Adaptive Grief Tapping (AGT)™ at Focused Pathways®, we will do more than simply address your grief. We will collaboratively transform your approach to these challenges, fostering a path toward recovery that is grounded in empathy, respect, and unwavering professional integrity. I am committed to ensuring that you feel thoroughly heard, understood, and supported throughout your journey with me—free from judgment and comparisons.

Let’s embark on this path together, working towards reclaiming your peace and resilience.

Do you find it difficult to talk about stress or grief?

Some find the thought of discussing stress or loss overwhelming. That's okay. Adaptive Grief Tapping (AGT)™ builds upon Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques by tapping on specific anatomical points of the body to ease any discomfort associated with processing difficult life experiences—without talking much about them at all!

Here's the plan to get you through this, together.

Schedule your free Consultation Call


Get in touch with us to schedule a complimentary consultation call and discover how we can assist you.

Complete Plan & Intake


Let's work together to create a personalized plan that addresses your unique goals and challenges.

Start putting the pieces together again


Purchase your sessions now to quickly implement new skills and forge a path towards a brighter future.

At Focused Pathways®, I ensure that each step of your journey toward emotional wellness is structured for effectiveness and ease of access. My approach is designed to provide a seamless experience, from preparation through follow-up, all facilitated through our secure, HIPAA-compliant Care Portal provided by Carepatron.

Pre-Session Growth Plans:
Before each session, you will engage with a personalized growth plan designed to prepare you mentally and emotionally. This preparation is crucial as it lays the groundwork for the upcoming session, allowing for deeper and more effective work during our time together.

Personalized Online Sessions:

Our sessions are conducted entirely online, offering you the convenience and confidentiality you need. During these sessions, we utilize Adaptive Grief Tapping (AGT)™ alongside other supportive techniques, building on the insights gained from your ongoing growth plans. Each session is tailored to address your current emotional needs, ensuring continuous progress in your recovery journey.

Flexible Scheduling:

You have the flexibility to schedule your sessions directly through your online Care Portal, allowing you to choose times that best fit your lifestyle. To maintain and enhance the benefits of the program, I recommend scheduling at least one session per week, with no more than ten days between sessions. For those looking for more intensive support, up to two sessions per week can be scheduled.

Which path to wellness would you like to take?

Single Sessions


The usual and customary (U&C) rate is $97 for a 60-minute private session via Carepatron Care Portal.


Ten percent of the proceeds are reinvested to provide Compassion Sessions for others during financial difficulty.

You can donate too, if you'd like. 100% will go to operations and Compassion Sessions for others.

Make a Donation

3 Session Package


You can purchase a bundle of three private 60-minute sessions via Carepatron Care Portal for $247.35.

Increasing commitment and consistency can improve the effectiveness of support and yield better outcomes.

Focused Pathways® funds 15% of the U&C Rate as our way of celebrating your commitment to yourself and to others.

Compassion Session


During financial hardship, Focused Pathways® offers funding toward sessions for Veterans, Active-Duty Military personnel, and Frontline Workers in need of support.

Offers are determined on a case-by-case basis based on available Focused Pathways® resources. Additional information can be provided upon request.

Chaplain Ryan, Company Owner, holding Grief-Relief™ Journal

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As you consider the path forward, remember that choosing Focused Pathways® is not just about addressing your own emotional wellness—it's also about contributing to a larger mission. Every session you attend helps ensure someone else can receive the care they need through our Compassion Sessions, creating a ripple effect of recovery and support.

I invite you to stay connected and informed about the latest developments, success stories, and special events at Focused Pathways®. Sign up for our newsletter below to join a community that values emotional resilience and collective care. Together, we can forge a brighter future for all.

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