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Helping  frontline  workers  overcome  grief  and  find  life balance.
Private Practice Chaplaincy



Because I understand that sometimes, the weight of grief can be too heavy to put into words.

Work 1:1 with a professional Clinical EFT Practitioner, as I guide you through this program available completely online.


  • 5 on-demand learning modules, to help dispel unhelpful misconceptions about grief, that are standing in your way to better wellness and help you learn new tools to quickly find relief, even before your first Live Session

  • Your own copy of our Grief-Relief™ Journal, to reinforce the techniques you will learn in our program, help you get the most out of your Live Sessions, and ease the pain of loss in-between Live Sessions

  • A virtual session to help remove feelings of uncertainty about working through your grief

  • 4 Live Sessions with a professional Clinical EFT Practitioner, that can use the mind-body connection to help you with your grief, even without talking about it.

  • Continue to receive supportive Live Sessions after the program with Grief-Relief™ Plus + 

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'With support and compassion, we can navigate through grief's journey, finding solace and strength along the way.'
- Earl Grollman

Our Testimonials

Grief Recovery Method® (Pets)

PACKAGES FROM $300 - $438

We understand what it is like, to wish that things were different, better, more.

Choose to work 1:1 or in a group with a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist™️ for 6 sessions with weekly check-in's, as we guide you through this evidence-based program, available completely online.

  • Plan ahead, to reduce unnecessary pain of pet loss

  • Know your options to cherish the memories

  • Process your grief in a safe, judgement-free atmosphere

  • Continued "Alumni" Support Packages are available

  • Includes a free copy of the Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss

Our clients benefit from life tested and time proven strategies taught in the field of psychology. We use evidence based methods to ensure the highest quality of care.

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