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Helping Veterans & Healthcare Workers 
Manage Stress & Recover from Grief.

Grief is not a journey to be navigated alone.
With Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), we walk beside you through the darkness, casting a bright light towards the future.
Start with a free demonstration video, to help clear roadblocks to recovery. 
Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) could reduce stress hormones like cortisol by 50%.
It reduced 68% of physical pain for 216 healthcare workers, after one session.1

Even on good days, it's tough to find strength and motivation to keep up.

Struggling to keep up can feel incredibly demoralizing. You want what's best for your patients, but who cares for you? By choosing to show up for yourself, you are choosing to let go of 2/3rds of the physical weight you carry, rooted in the emotional pain of grief, stress, and overwhelm. I'm here to help.


Welcome! I'm Chaplain Ryan, the founder of Focused Pathways™ and your Clinical EFT Practitioner.

Having navigated grief, trauma, and the intense pressures of frontline service myself—as an infantryman, medic, nurse, and chaplain—I truly understand the journey you're on. It’s about more than just knowing the path; it’s about walking it with you. Here, you’re in a place where your feelings of loss, stress, and the quest for peace are met with genuine empathy and individualized strategies. Before anything else, know that you've found a space of understanding and support. I'm glad you are here.

Grief is a natural response to loss, marked by conflicting and often overwhelming emotions. It arises from the absence of someone or something significant in our lives. It can feel like reaching out to someone who is no longer there or longing for someone who was never present. It's a profound journey through our emotions.

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As a Private Practice Chaplain committed to guiding individuals through life's challenges, I employ evidence-based methods rooted in psychology to ensure the highest quality of care.


One approach I professionally practice is Clinical EFT, which has demonstrated remarkable results in improving various aspects of well-being. Research has shown:

  • Healthcare workers experienced up to a 68% improvement in physical pain after just one Clinical EFT session in 216 cases.

  • PTSD symptoms were reduced by 86% after only six Clinical EFT sessions in certain cases.

  • Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) saw a 41% reduction in symptoms.

  • A triple-blind study revealed a 50.05% decrease in cortisol levels, a hormone associated with stress, anxiety, and depression, after just one hour-long session.

Take a moment to hear about previous clients' experiences, and you'll know you're in good hands.


Discover Your Pathway
to Recovery


A Comprehensive Approach to Honor and Growth

I know that navigating the weight of grief can be an overwhelming journey, often leaving us at a loss for words.

That's where our one-on-one program with a professional Clinical EFT practitioner steps in. Accessible entirely online, this unique approach allows you to work through painful memories without talking about details.

My commitment to honoring your emotions without prescribing how you should feel sets me apart. You and I will collaborate to overcome your pain, offering a path toward resolution that's as individual as you are.


As the fog lifts from your mind and the emotional weight begins to ease, you will rediscover the confidence, motivation, and strength to keep pace with life's demands — both at work and home — because taking care of others is what we do.

Ready to invest in yourself and pay it forward? Ten percent of all payments you make to us will support others with their grief during financial difficulty.

Need additional support? Our Grief-Relief™ Plus+ package offers extra live sessions to guide you further.

Start with a free demo video, sent right to your email.

Calm Response Program Square.png


Mastering Calm During the Storm

Have you ever wondered how your life would change if you could see things from a different perspective and maintain a positive attitude toward everything? Imagine how much impact this new sense of optimism would have on your growth and success.

Our Calm-Response™ strategy is a method that can help you attain a peaceful and positive outlook toward your work, relationships, and life in general. It is an approach that allows you to manage conflicts, reduce stress, and avoid burnout. Moreover, it can assist you in living a more authentic life that aligns with your personal values. I am here to aid you in learning this technique and implementing it in your life using the powerful approach of Clinical EFT and Neurolinguistic Programming. You might be surprised to walk away with an action plan that will significantly reshape your life!

Ten percent of all payments will compassionately support others during financial difficulty. The cost of one session may be credited to a Calm-Response™ Plan.

'With support and compassion, we can navigate through grief's journey, finding solace and strength along the way.'
- Earl Grollman

Pathways to Peace™

Fully Funded, No Cost to You!

I understand the importance of taking a break and fostering connections with others.


That's why I'm inviting you to join our supportive community, led by a professional Chaplain. In our group sessions, inspired by the book of Psalms and open to participants of all faiths, we'll practice mindfulness meditation using Clinical EFT Tapping techniques.

Our sessions, held on Sunday and Wednesday nights, cater to beginners and experienced practitioners and provide a sanctuary for all. You'll experience the profound benefits of Eco-Meditation, including stress relief, cultivating kindness, and a sense of belonging to a supportive community.

During our inclusive sessions, you can engage in prayer or reflection that aligns with your individual beliefs, drawing inspiration from Psalms. Additionally, you'll discover the health benefits of kindness and humility, which can nurture emotional resilience and enhance overall well-being.

Focused Pathways Logo
Helping Veterans & Healthcare Workers
Manage Stress & Recover from Grief.

Start with a free demonstration video to help clear roadblocks to recovery today.

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