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Faith, Health, and Inclusivity: Guiding Principles of My Chaplaincy and Interfaith Counseling

A photo of Chaplain Ryan McCollum, Founder of Focused Pathways®
Chaplain Ryan McCollum, Focused Pathways®

Hello, I'm Ryan McCollum, MDiv, LPN. Understanding my statement of faith is essential for those I serve, as it provides insight into the values and principles guiding my chaplaincy and interfaith counsel. By sharing this, I hope to foster an environment of trust, compassion, and mutual respect.

Why a Statement of Faith

Understanding my statement of faith is essential for those I serve, as it provides insight into the values and principles guiding my chaplaincy and interfaith counsel.

My Faith Background and Beliefs

I am an ordained minister with Vanguard Ministries and a non-denominational Christian chaplain. My faith is rooted in observing the Saturday Sabbath and believing in the life, death, resurrection, and literal second coming of the Messiah. Principles of love, compassion, and service guide my interactions and support of individuals from all walks of life.

How Christian Teachings Align with Psychological Principles

I believe there is a significant alignment between Christian teachings and psychological principles. Both the Bible and the field of psychology teach a direct correlation between thought, behavior, and well-being. The Bible, inspired by the Holy Spirit:

  • Provides the ultimate authority for Christian doctrine

  • Reveals human nature and the roots of suffering

  • Unveils a Creator who desires His creations to be healthy, alive, and united

  • Guides healthy thinking and behavior

My Commitment to Your Well-Being

My commitment to your well-being goes beyond our conversations. I continually pray internally for my clients, seeking divine guidance and support. At the end of each session, I invite you to join me in prayer, according to your faith tradition, while I pray in mine. This invitation is offered without pressure, with the goal of respecting your beliefs and comfort and providing peace and spiritual connection.

The Source of Health and Goodness

I believe that all well-being that arises during our time together comes from the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our sessions and discussions. Every good thing originates from God, even when faith and devotion to Him are lacking. Blessings, regardless of one's level of faith or obedience, are manifestations of God's grace. His grace reflects His nature and is not dependent on our actions; it existed before the creation of the earth. To continue to receive this grace, one must be mindful of the decisions made in thought and behavior when opportunities for growth present themselves.

Embracing Inclusivity and Acceptance in Counseling

Inclusivity and acceptance are paramount in my practice. I extend love and support to individuals from all backgrounds and faith traditions without pressure for conversion. My acceptance should not be mistaken for approval of unhealthy thoughts or behaviors that contribute to suffering. I foster an environment of understanding and respect, promoting healthy thinking and behavior that aligns with Biblical and psychological principles.

Integrating Faith and Psychology for Holistic Well-Being

By integrating evidence-based psychological techniques with Biblical teachings, I promote mental and emotional well-being that aligns with both faith and science. I respect my clients' faith traditions while being true to my own beliefs and supporting them on common ground.

Guiding Principles of My Chaplaincy

My chaplaincy is guided by love, compassion, and service principles grounded in my faith as a non-denominational Christian. By integrating Biblical teachings with psychological techniques, I support individuals in achieving optimal health and wellness. My commitment to inclusivity ensures everyone feels valued and respected. Together, we can work towards a life filled with love, health, and well-being. We are all students on this journey, guided by the one true Teacher.


Join me in improving the psycho-spiritual health of the world. Sessions are available online, each lasting 60 minutes. They are especially solution-focused, helping with stress management and recovery from grief. Schedule an online consultation to learn more!

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