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About Us

The Heart of Focused Pathways™

Welcome to Focused Pathways™, the sanctuary where frontline workers find renewed strength and inner peace. Established in 2021 by Ryan McCollum, our mission is the core of our existence: we're committed to improving the psycho-spiritual health of our global community, focusing specifically on frontline workers who bear unique emotional and mental burdens.

Meet Ryan: The Soul Behind Focused Pathways™

​Hello, I'm Chaplain Ryan McCollum, the founder of Focused Pathways™ and your dedicated interfaith counselor. With years of experience and specialized training in psycho-spiritual health, my approach is rooted in evidence-based psychology and broad spiritual understanding. As someone deeply committed to promoting well-being among frontline workers (having been a Combat Medic and Licensed Practical Nurse myself), I understand the complexities and unique challenges you face every day.​​ My role as an interfaith counselor allows me to guide you through your journey of emotional and spiritual wellness, irrespective of your religious or spiritual affiliations.

Together, we'll explore meaningful pathways tailored to your needs, helping you find equilibrium and peace in both your professional and personal life.

Our Approach

At Focused Pathways™, we're all about evidence-based interventions tailored to the unique needs of frontline workers. We offer scientifically backed, specialized programs aimed at reinvigorating your psycho-spiritual well-being.

Spirituality & Faith

While we are not affiliated with any religious organization, we respect and celebrate the diverse spiritual practices of our staff and clients. Should you desire to integrate your spiritual beliefs into our programs, we offer resources and personalized guidance, facilitated by our in-house Chaplain in accordance with their own faith tradition.

Why Focused Pathways?
  • Evidence-Based Care: Our empirically supported methods offer the highest standard of psycho-spiritual care.

  • Focused Support: Our programs account for the unique stressors and emotional toll experienced by frontline workers.

  • Spiritual Inclusivity: We respect and can incorporate various faith traditions into our approach if you choose to do so.


Join us in fostering a world of greater well-being, starting with the heroes who serve us daily. Step into Focused Pathways™ and embark on a transformative journey tailored just for you.

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