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Helping Frontline Workers 
Recover from Grief.

Grief is not a journey to be navigated alone.
With Clinical EFT, we walk beside you through the darkness, casting a bright light towards the future.
Start with a free demonstration video, to help clear roadblocks to recovery. 
Clinical EFT could reduce stress hormones like cortisol by 50%.
It reduced 68% of physical pain for 216 healthcare workers, after one session.1

Welcome! I'm Chaplain Ryan, the founder of Focused Pathways™ and your Clinical EFT Practitioner.

Having navigated grief, trauma, and the intense pressures of frontline service myself—as an infantryman, medic, nurse, and chaplain—I truly understand the journey you're on. It’s about more than just knowing the path; it’s about walking it with you. Here, you’re in a place where your feelings of loss, stress, and the quest for peace are met with genuine empathy and individualized strategies. Before anything else, know that you've found a space of understanding and support. I'm glad you are here.

Grief is a natural response to loss, marked by conflicting and often overwhelming emotions. It arises from the absence of someone or something significant in our lives. It can feel like reaching out to someone who is no longer there or longing for someone who was never present. It's a profound journey through our emotions.

Grief encompasses a wide range of experiences beyond bereavement. Here are ten common types of losses that can trigger profound feelings of grief. Explore further resources or watch our video to learn more about navigating grief and finding support.

1. Death of a Loved One

2. Divorce or Relationship Breakup

3. Job Loss or Career Change

4. Health Issues or Chronic Illness

5. Relocation or Moving Away from Home

6. Financial Loss or Bankruptcy

7. Loss of a Pet

8. End of a Friendship or Social Network

9. Loss of Independence or Mobility

10. Traumatic Events or Major Life Changes

Grief can feel like a tidal wave, crashing over you and impacting both mind and body.

Emotionally, it's a rollercoaster of sadness, anger, guilt, and confusion.  Physically, it manifests as exhaustion, headaches, tense muscles, and changes in appetite or sleep patterns. Your mind becomes foggy, making it difficult to concentrate or make decisions.


It's all part of the journey, but remember, you're not alone in this.

Common Grief Misbeliefs


Time Heals All Wounds: The ACE Study suggests grief is like an app on your phone; it might be minimized and out of sight, but it still eats up space for joy.


Out with the Old, In with the New: Recovery is not about replacing what's lost but integrating it positively into life with honor. 


Grieving Alone: The emotional mind seeks expression and acceptance in words or silence. Recovery thrives with support, embracing both spoken and unspoken communication. 

As a Private Practice Chaplain committed to guiding individuals through life's challenges, I employ evidence-based methods rooted in psychology to ensure the highest quality of care.


One approach I professionally practice is Clinical EFT, which has demonstrated remarkable results in improving various aspects of well-being. Research has shown:

  • Healthcare workers experienced up to a 68% improvement in physical pain after just one Clinical EFT session in 216 cases.

  • PTSD symptoms were reduced by 86% after only six Clinical EFT sessions in certain cases.

  • Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) saw a 41% reduction in symptoms.

  • A triple-blind study revealed a 50.05% decrease in cortisol levels, a hormone associated with stress, anxiety, and depression, after just one hour-long session.

Still skeptical? Hear from those who have experienced the benefits firsthand!


4-Session Plan

I understand that sometimes, the burden of grief can be too heavy to express in words.


That's why you can work one-on-one with a professional Clinical EFT Practitioner who will guide you through a unique program available completely online. 

During the program, you will:


  • Dispel unhelpful misconceptions about grief that may be preventing you from achieving better wellness.

  • Journal to reinforce the techniques you will learn in our program and ease the pain of loss in between Live Sessions.

  • Overcome feelings of uncertainty about working through your grief from the very beginning.

  • Use the mind-body connection to help you with your grief, even without talking about it during Live Sessions.

  • Receive continued supportive Live Sessions after completing the program with Grief-Relief™ Plus+.

  • Compassion Sessions, partially funded by Focused Pathways™ with sliding scale prices, are available.

'With support and compassion, we can navigate through grief's journey, finding solace and strength along the way.'
- Earl Grollman


Single Session or 3-Session Plan

I understand that sometimes, stress and overwhelm can leave you feeling more than a little lost.


That's why you can work one-on-one with a professional Clinical EFT Practitioner who will guide you through this unique strategy for navigating conflict, stress, and overwhelm—available completely online. 

During the program, you will:


  • Identify roadblocks obstructing your mental clarity and sense of peace.

  • Experience immediate relief from the emotional entanglement with the painful emotions your stressors are causing you.

  • Discover hidden values from deep within your subconscious, and learn to leverage them to your advantage.

  • Choose between a single session or a comprehensive 3-session plan, tailored to blast past limiting core beliefs that drive your life.

  • Try a single session and credit its value toward the 3-session plan, ensuring your confidence in finding the right fit for your needs.

  • Compassion Sessions, partially funded by Focused Pathways™ with sliding scale prices, are available.

Pathways to Peace™

Fully Funded, No Cost to You!

I understand that sometimes, it is helpful to decompress and be a part of a community.


That's why you can join a group with a professional Chaplain who will guide you through a unique 30-minute session, welcoming participants of all faith traditions. 

During the program, you will:


  • Dive into Pathways to Peace™ with our transformative practice of Clinical EFT's Eco-Meditation, accessible entirely online.

  • Perfect for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, our sessions are offered on Sundays and Wednesday Nights, providing sanctuary for all.

  • Explore the profound benefits of Eco-Meditation, from stress relief to community building and personal growth.

  • Engage in inclusive sessions inspired by Psalms, where prayer or reflection aligns with individual beliefs.

  • Discover the profound health benefits of kindness and humility, nurturing emotional resilience and enhancing overall well-being.

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Helping Frontline Workers Recover from Grief.

Schedule your free consultation and start your journey, today.

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